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Understanding Links between Growth and Poverty Reduction (GP)

  1. Croissance sectorielle et réduction de la pauvreté et de l’inégalité au Bénin, by Mededji Damien, Djossou Aristide, Sessede Charles, and Jean-Claude Keke
  2. Croissance et persistance de la Pauvreté au Burkina Faso  by Dorinne Kanmij, Dzifa Kpetigo and Alain Siri
  3. Les  sources Microéconomiques de la Dynamique de la Pauvreté et des Inégalités au Sénégal, by Dr.  Mbaye Diene
  4. Analysing the Role of the Labour market and Employment Creation within the Growth-Poverty-Inequality Linkages in Cameroon, by    Tabi Atemnkkng Johannes,  Ngantcha   Tonda Joëlle and Ngeh Ernest Tingum
  5. Spatial Inequality in Cameroon during the 1984-2001 Period, by Samuel Fambon and Isaac Tamba
  6. Les liens entre la Croissance économique et Réduction de la Pauvreté en Afrique : Cas du Tchad, by Tabo Symphorien Ndang and Nan-Guer Koulké Blandine
  7. Growth, Inequality and Poverty Reduction: Panel data Evidence from Ethiopia, by Atlaw  Alemu , Abbi Kedir, Kefyalew Endale, and Tsegabirhan W.Giorgis
  8. La Croissance économique en Guinée est- elle  pro-pauvres, by Aboubacar Kaba (Mr), Mama Keita (Miss), Jacob Delamou (Mr) and Sékou Sidia Fofana (Mr)
  9. Regional Inequality, Poverty and Economic Growth: Understanding the Linkages in Kenya, by Jane Kabubo-Mariara, Godfrey Ndeng’e, and Domisiano Mwabu
  10. Agricultural Growth and Poverty Reduction in Malawi,  by Mirriam Muhome-Matita  and Ephraim Chirwa
  11. Government Fiscal Reforms and Pro-Poor Growth in Nigeria, by A.S. Oyekale, Y. Lawal and M.E. Onu
  12. Pro-Poor Growth, Unemployment and Poverty in Nigeria: Evidence from Existing Datasets, by Hyacinth Ichoku , Chukwuma Agu , and John Ele Ataguba
  13. Understanding the Links between Growth and Poverty Reduction in Ghana, by John Baptist D. Jatoe, Ramatu Al-Hassan and Dele Adekunle

Final Reports Review Workshop was held 27-28th May, 2011.  The final revised research reports have been submitted and dissemination and publication activities will commence are on-going.


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