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Understanding Links between Growth and Poverty Reduction (GP)

To give the intellectual guidance to the project, the following ten framework papers were commissioned.

  1. Informality, Economic Growth and Poverty in Africa by Ernest Aryeetey
  2. Spatial Inequality, Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction by Andy McKay
  3. Impact of Globalization on Growth, Inequality and Poverty by Machiko K. Nissanke
  4. Is Poverty a Binding Constraint on Growth in SSA by Stephen A. O’Connell
  5. Growth, Employment Creation and Poverty Reduction: An Overview Evidence and Possible Applications to Africa by Haroon Bhorat
  6. Anatomy of Growth, Distribution and Poverty Reduction in Africa: Theory, Methods and Evidence by Erik Thorbecke
  7. Agriculture as Engine of Growth and Poverty Reduction in Africa by Douglas Gollin
  8. Agriculture and Rural Poverty Reduction: Contextual and Institutional Issues by Stefan Dercon
  9. Shared Growth, Social Protection and Political Economy of Growth and Poverty Reduction in Africa by Pramila Krishnan
  10. Macroeconomic Stability, Exchange Rate and Poverty by Ibrahim Elbadawi

These framework papers have been posted on the AERC website and are currently being processed for publication. The country case studies under this project which are on-going include the following:


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