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CPP - Joint facility for Electives

Joint Facility for Electives (JFE) is a residential programme of elective courses conducted by AERC at a facility to serve both the Collaborative Master’s Programme and the Collaborative PhD Programme in consecutive sessions. The JFE programme presents high quality core curriculum courses that are generally beyond the capacity or existing demand of the participating universities. The idea is to ensure that the programmes’ high standards are maintained, as well as to pull students together in a mutually enriching environment. AERC is the executing agency responsible for all resource mobilization, logistics and contractual arrangements.

The programme is intensive and fast-paced. A distinctive feature of the JFE is its innovative focus and combination of intensive academic teaching to produce a cadre of qualified graduates for absorption in policy making positions in public and private sectors in their home countries. The JFE is very positively rated among training centres in Africa and beyond. The depth of coverage and quality of the learning facility makes it a leading human capacity building effort. It differentiates CMAP and CPP products from all others in the region.

The JFE is recognized by students, faculty and graduates alike as a significant contributor to the distinctiveness and higher value added of the CMAP and CPP degrees. Benefits associated with the JFE, such as access to better teaching materials that visiting faculty use to upgrade courses back home, and the opportunity for students to meet and network with other Africans in the discipline, add to the implicit benefits, which are not factored into its cost. Such considerations have led programme evaluators and the Academic Board members to the conclusion that the current management and set-up of the JFE remains, for now, the most viable option for assuring the quantitative and qualitative benefits of the programme.



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