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Proposal Writing


You may well feel that if you need to do all this to write a good research proposal then you would already have done a substantial part of the research. This is true. It may seem unfair, but you can write a good proposal only if you put in substantial effort. Read more: Conclusion


What Happens Next?

When you have finished the proposal do not just to send it to the AERC Secretariat in its first draft form. You should first give it to your colleagues for comments. Read more: What Happens Next?


Writing the Proposal:

In the previous section we saw what the proposal should cover, but you do not have to follow this particular format. Feel free to come up with your own format as long as you make sure you present all the essential information in an order that makes sense. Read more: Writing the Proposal:


Sketching the Proposal

AERC does not have an application form for the purpose of crafting a proposal. There are, however, some requirements as to what the proposal should contain (see Table below).

Read more: Sketching the Proposal

Choosing a Research Topic

Researchers differ widely in their motives for choosing a particular research topic. One strategy is to play safe by proposing to do for your own country what was recently approved as an AERC project for another country. Read more: Choosing a Research Topic


Thematic Research - Proposal Writing: What You Need to Know

The following paper is a result of a study commissioned by the AERC Secretariat with a view to assisting researchers in improving the quality of their research proposals. It was written by Jan Willem Gunning. Read more: Thematic Research - Proposal Writing: What You Need to Know


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