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Targeted Dissemination Packages
With emphasis on enhanced policy relevance steps are taken to identify the specific policy audience for particular research results and targeting that audience for simplified summaries, presentations or policy briefs. Research results are circulated to a wider range of ministries and departments.

Other options include joining with local policy research institutes to set up forums for presenting and elaborating research results and working through local media to publicize key issues. Specific instruments are also instituted for reaching beyond the traditional policy audience to communicate with civil society, non-government organizations, etc. These include invitations to dissemination workshops; press conferences piggy-backed on research workshops; special bulletins on issues of interest arising from AERC research themes; special focus supplements in leading local newspapers; links with network members to develop targeted policy papers, again arising from AERC activities; multi-media or other presentations at luncheon meetings with, say, chambers of commerce, where researchers would share specific research findings.

Other Products and Services
There are a number of other traditional dissemination products . These include such publicity and promotional materials as annual reports, brochures, press releases and so on. There are also products produced in direct collaboration with the programmes, such as training materials, targeted brochures and information packet (which include a multi-media presentation for use by universities), and prospectuses for the Collaborative PhD and Master's programmes.


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