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Call for Expression of Interest for Technical Workshop Non-State Actors on Entrepreneurship and Inclusive Agricultute


Established in 1988, African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) has grown to be a premier capacity building institution for the advancement of research and graduate training to inform economic policies in Africa. The consortium’s mandate and strategic mission is built on the basis that sustained development in Sub-Saharan Africa requires well trained, locally based professional economists. A highly integrated knowledge organization spanning research, training, and policy outreach, AERC is now a vast network of researchers, policy makers, universities, educators, and international resource persons.

The Aim of the Training

As part of its capacity building, AERC is offering a training workshop on Entrepreneurship and Inclusive Agribusiness on May 31-June 2, 2017, in Johannesburg, South Africa. The training will be supported by funding from African Development Bank (AfDB). The three-day workshop is a specialized short-term training that seeks to engage the private sector and other non-state actors in mutually beneficial research and training activities to enhance innovation, and to deepen and broaden AERC capacity building, and ultimately enhance development outcomes. Non-state actors can be defined as individuals or organizations that have sufficient social, economic or political power to influence and/or cause a change even though they do not belong to any established institutions of a state. Non-state actors are thus fundamental agents in helping to achieve both national and international development goals. The non-state actors include: civil society in all its diversity; economic and social partners such as trade union organizations among others and; private sector.

The themes of the training are entrepreneurship and inclusive agribusiness and will include discussions on entrepreneurship, financing agribusiness, market linkages, agriculture as a business, value addition in agribusiness, and food systems, among others. This knowledge is important for non-state actors and entrepreneurs involved in and agriculture as it can be used to effectively engage both smallholder farmers and government to achieve positive outcomes.

The participants will therefore be drawn from among civil society, private sector, NGOs, women and youth groups, SMEs, etc., involved in agriculture and agribusiness. The training will be tailored to specific needs of non-state actors and aims to empower them to:

  • Better understand issues on entrepreneurship.
  • Better understand  the  agribusiness environment and how to make it inclusive
  • Better understand how to overcome pitfalls in businesses, particularly agriculture-based businesses.

Expression of Interest

This is a call for expression of interest for non-state actors involved in entrepreneurship and agribusiness to participate in the three day AERC organized training workshop.  Participation is open to community-based organizations, women's groups, youth groups/organizations, SMEs, NGOs, religious organizations, farmers' cooperatives and the private sector actors (private sector associations, chambers of commerce, etc.) involved in agribusiness.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify to participate in the training workshop, one should be an employee or representative of an entity that qualify to be a non-state actor involved in agriculture and agribusiness in any one of the countries in Sub Saharan Africa. They must have a minimum of an undergraduate degree or equivalent. Women and youth employees or representatives of non-state actors organizations/institutions are encouraged to apply.


  • Applicants must be employees or representatives of a non-state actor organisation in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Must have a minimum of undergraduate degree or equivalent in development or related areas.
  • Must provide a letter of support from his/her institute/organization supporting participation in the workshop.
  • Submit a curriculum vitae

Application Process

Interested candidates should send their expression of interest to AERC using the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A complete application should include the following:

  • CV of the applicant
  • Email expressing interest to participate in the workshop
  • The name and profile of the institution represented by the applicant.
  • The letter or email supporting participation of the employee or representative in the workshop

If selected, AERC will provide an air ticket to and from the venue of the workshop; accommodation; per diem, visa fee and other expenses as will be specified in the invitation letter.

The deadline for application is May 15, 2017 


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