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Institutions and Service Delivery (ISD) Project

An important dimension to enhancing the well-being of Africans concerns improving delivery of services for a given bundle of resources.  Resources are obviously critical to the delivery of services to clients and, therefore, improving performance of African economies is important as this increases state capacity to provide services.

But resources are just only one, and sometimes a small component, of the performance factors that impact the quality of service provision.  Recent evidence shows that even when resources are allocated for provision of services, a large portion of the resources might not reach the intended clients.  In other cases, services may not be provided because frontline providers do not show up to work, resulting in poor delivery of services. The implication is that availability of resources does not guarantee that intended beneficiaries do in fact receive the benefits from the resources allocated. Linking institutions to service delivery requires a clear understanding of the factors that impact on service delivery and how those factors vary across institutions.

As a starting point, we require a framework for analysing the determinants of service delivery. Such a framework should articulate how different factors in the service delivery chain interact and how different factors and institutional arrangements impact both on demand and supply of services. This collaborative research project is investigating the role of institutions in service delivery in Africa. The project involves an in-depth investigation of service delivery experiences in Africa with a view to unearthing how institutional arrangements impact on the quality of provision by focusing on accountability relationships across service delivery chains.
Membership of Project Steering Committee

  1. Olu Ajakaiye (Chair)
  2. William Lyakurwa
  3. Mwangi Kimenyi (Project Coordinator)
  4. Ritva Reinikka (Project co-Coordinator)
  5. Paul Collier
  6. Akpan Ekpo
  7. Adedoyin Soyibo
  8. Desire Vencatachellum



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