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Information, Communication Technology (ICT) and Economic development in Africa

The objective of this study was to investigate the status and challenges of ICTs and ICT policy and their impact on economic development in Africa. The study build on the existing knowledge on the nature and extent of access to ICTs in Africa and proceeded to explore the impact of ICT on selected aspects of economic development with a view to drawing policy implications.

The thrust of the project was on analyzing the impact of ICTs on economic development addressing the level of firms and other key actors. Policy options to enhance the development of ICT and its impact on economic development were explored.

Project Technical Team

  1. Olu Ajakaiye (Team Leader)
  2. Samuel Wangwe (Project Coordinator)
  3. Femi Bamiro
  4. Ernest Aryeetey
  5. Julian May
  6. Alison Gilward

To guide the project, the following nine (9) framework papers were commissioned.

  1. Overview of the Evolution, Status and Future of ICT in Africa: The Digital Divide and Africa’s Economic Development and Transformation by Sam Wangwe
  2. ICT and Agricultural Development, Transformation and Employment Generation by Julian May, Mimi Ndokweni & Joseph Karugia
  3. ICTs and Industrial Development, Transformation and Employment Generation by Banji Oyelaran-Oyeyinka
  4. The Vision and Challenges of ICT Production in Africa: Software Production and Services by Femi Bamiro
  5. The Vision and Challenges of ICT Production in Africa: Computer Hardware Production by Femi Bamiro
  6. The Political Economy of ICT Policy Making: Historical Regulatory Frameworks and Policy Performance by Adam Lishan & Alison Gilward
  7. A Review of Methodology for Assessing ICT Impact on Development and Economic Transformation by Sam Wangwe
  8. Methodology for Value Chain Analysis in ICT Industry: Frameworks for the Study of Africa by Dorothy McCormick & Joseph Onjala
  9. Human Capital Development Programme for Effective ICT in Africa by Nimal Nissanke

Following the completion of these framework papers, 13 country case studies were commissioned.

  1. Adoption et Incidence des Tic sur les Conditions de Vie des Populations au Congo Brazzaville : Analyse en Coupe Transversale by Ndinga Mathias Marie Adrien
  2. Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication (TIC) et micro finance de transfert de fonds au Congo Brazzaville by Gaston Nkouika-Ndingani-Nkita,  Prisca R. Miyouna, and Nadège Bibila
  3. An assessment of the Impact of Application Software Supply on Economic Activity in Cameroon by Sunday A. Khan,  Arsène Honore and Gideon Nkama
  4. Gender and ICTs in Cameroon : Characteristics, Socio-Economic Opportunities and Challenges by Ousmanou Njikam , Nyemeck B. Joachim and Ntolo M. Léocadie
  5. The Structure of Cellular Phone Services and their Impact on Productivity, Efficiency, and Cost Effectiveness of Fishing-Boat and Commercial Taxi Owners in Ghana by Vijay K. Bhasin, Simon K. Harvey  and  Eme U. Fiawoyife
  6. ICT Adoption and Performance of Small-Medium-Sized Enterprises in Kenya by Wilson Wasike and  John Mutua
  7. ICT and Productivity of the Printing and Publishing Industry in Nigeria by John O. Adeoti, Foluso Adeyinka and Moses Ubaru
  8. Impact of ICT Investment and Use on Productive Processes and Development Outcomes in Nigeria by Muta Tiamiyu, Abiodun S. Bankole, and Rosemary Agbonlahor
  9. ICT Investments and Price Transmission on Growth and Employment: Simulations on Senegal by Latif Dramani, Oumy Laye, and Alaya Ouarme
  10. Economic Development, Information Communication Technology as Tool for Uganda’s Rural Development by Adam Mugume and Jacob Opolot
  11. Customs Automation Initiatives and their Impact on Productivity and Efficiency: Case Study on Uganda by Justine Nannyonjo, Charles A Abuka and Nicholas Okot
  12. Assessing ICT Impact on Development and Economic Transformation in Rural Areas in Tanzania: The Case of Rural Tele-centres in Tanzania by Peter Ulanga and Stephen Wangwe
  13. ICT and Economic Development in Africa: The Case study of Rwanda by Thomas Rusuhuzwa Dominique Habimana

Some of the  papers have been  published in a special issue of the African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovations and Development (African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation & Development, Volume 3, Number 2, 2011 ”  “ICTS and Economic Transformation in Africa”, Samuel Wangwe and Olu Ajakaiye, Eds). A policy brief training workshop with collaboration from the Global Development Network (GDN) was held in Nairobi on 1–2 December 2011. Using the knowledge gained from the workshop, the researchers have submitted revised policy briefs. These policy briefs have been processed and posted on AERC website with alerts to all stakeholders to enhance their policy impact.


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