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Health, Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction (HEGPR)

Eight framework papers were commissioned to provide intellectual guidance to the project. The commissioned papers are:


  1. Evaluations of Health Interventions in Africa: What has been Learned to Date by Peter Glick
  2. Health, Health Inequality and the Distribution of Income Across Populations of Individuals by David Sahn
  3. Modeling the Causal Effect of Health on Social and Economic Prosperity: A survey of Methods and Findings by Duncan Thomas
  4. Effects of Macroeconomic Policies (Fiscal, Trade, Exchange Rate, Structural Adjustment, etc.) on Health and Health inequality by Ibi Ajayi
  5. The Causal Effect of Socioeconomic Status and other Supply Side Factors such as Prices and Service Quality, on Health and the Demand for Health Services: A survey of Methods and Findings by  Germano Mwabu
  6. Micro-estimation/macro Simulation/Cross-country Models: A survey of Methods and Findings (including CGEs)”  by  Robert Eastwood
  7. Issues and Challenges of Measurement of Health: Implications for Economic Research by Martine Audibert
  8. Program and Policy Evaluation: What we have Learned to Date on What Works and Why, with a Focus on Issues of Challenges of Randomization and Internal and External Validity by Justine Burns; Rebecca Thornton; Malcolm Keswell.

These framework papers have been posted on the AERC website and are currently being published. Following this, 15 country case studies were approved out of 81 proposals submitted.


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