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Export Supply Capacity Constraints

Launched in 2006, this project is attempting to identify and examine the key factors that constrain export supply response across products and countries in Africa. Export supply response capacity reflects the ability, speed and effectiveness with which domestic producers react to export market incentives.

Membership of Project Steering Committee

  • Olu Ajakaiye (Chair)
  • William Lyakurwa
  • Ademola Oyejide  (Project Coordinator)
  • Patrick Low
  • Dominique Njinkeu
  • Mohhamed Salisu
  • Philip English
  • John Nash
  • Hakim B. Hamouda

The framework papers have been completed and posted on the AERC website. These papers have now been published (Trade Infrastructure and Economic Development in Africa, 2012, Ademola Oyejide and Olusanya Ajakaiye (Eds), Routledge Publishers). The commissioned country case studies were:

  1. Releasing Export Constraints: The Role of Governments by Marc Bacchetta and Patrick Low
  2. Assessing Export Supply Constraints: Methodology, Data and Measurement by Tyler Biggs
  3. The Business of Exporting: Transaction Costs Facing Suppliers in Sub-Saharan Africa by William Lyakurwa
  4. The Role of Infrastructure in Determining Export Competitiveness by Kennedy Mbekeani
  5. The Structure of Supply Chains and Their Implications for Export Supply by Raphael Kaplinsky and Mike Morris
  6. Standards and Technical Regulations and Export Competitiveness: Focus on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Requirements by Laura Ignacio
  7. African Trade, Investment and Exchange Rate Regimes and Incentives for Exporting by Ademola Oyejide
  8. Trade Facilitation: What is it and How Does it Help? By Dominique Njinkeu
  9. Aid for Trade Competitiveness: New Opportunities for Africa by Bernard Hoekman and Dominique Njinkeu
  10. Evolving Wave of Competition in the International Market: Challenges for Africa through the Rise of China and India by Michael Finger/ Patrick Low

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