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Explaining Africa’s Growth Performance

Explaining African Economic Growth Performance project begun in December 1998. The project involved solid work by Profs. Stephen O’Connell, Charles Soludo, Paul Collier and Robert Bates. Others who actively supported the project were Profs. Jan Willem Gunning, Ibrahim Elbadawi and Augustin Fosu.

This project has been completed and the outputs published as:

  • The Political Economy of Economic Growth in Africa, 1960 – 2000. Volume 1. (Eds) Benno J. Ndulu, Stephen A. O’Connell, Robert H. Bates, Paul Collier, and Chukwuma C. Soludo.  Cambridge University Press. 2008
  • The Political Economy of Economic Growth in Africa, 1960 – 2000, Volume 2: Country Case Studies. (Eds) Benno J. Ndulu, Stephen A. O’Connell, Jean-Paul Azam, Robert H. Bates, Augustine K. Fosu, Jan Willem Gunning and Dominique Njinkeu. Cambridge University Press. 2008.




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