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The Somalia Capacity Building

The African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) has received a grant from International Development Research Centre (IDRC) to undertake an institutional mapping and needs assessment to identify areas of capacity gaps. The overall purpose of this assignment was to assess Somalia’s economic and social policy needs as well as map out recent and current capacity development initiatives (programmes and projects) to effectively respond to growing demand for the Somali-Canadian diaspora community to participate in on-going Somalia development processes.



Specifically, the study set out to: assess the current baseline of what capacity exists, at national and diaspora level, in economic and social policy in Somalia; assess capacity building initiatives that are already taking place in Somalia and existing similar projects on Somalia, along with the key players involved; explore and identify capacity needs on the ground, opportunities for capacity building in research and collaborative training, including identification of potential partners and modalities to transfer skills and synergies for greater gender analysis, empowerment and impact; examine and identify opportunities for strengthening institutions, including governance, research and training institutions; identify the role of Somali-Canadians both in Canada and in Somalia in the existing initiatives and their expertise. Upon circulation of terms of reference and advertisement for a consultant with experience in working in Somalia, AERC retained Vision Quest Consultants to undertake the project. 


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