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Communications Overview

Activities under this heading are aimed at facilitating the impact of AERC research and training products on economic policy making in Africa. AERC uses print, electronic and event-based communication and dissemination techniques to:

  • Convey the products of AERC research and training to key target audiences.
  • Raise the profile of AERC and the visibility of Consortium activities.
  • Link members of the economics profession on the continent with each other, with the Secretariat and with the array of information available around the world.
  • Ensure enhanced internal communications systems as a platform for outreach.

Outreach activities include events such as regional level Senior Policy Seminars, National Policy Workshops, a web-linked information service, and a variety of publications. The AERC website provides information about the Consortium, makes research and other publications available electronically, and also provides an online discussion forum.
Publications include:

  • Research News - annual newsletter focused on programmatic and related research topics
  • AERC Newsletter - semi-annual newsletter featuring news of broader interest
  • AERC Research Papers - peer-reviewed, revised and edited results of AERC thematic research
  • Policy Briefs - short, user-friendly synopses (in English and French) of the Research Papers, tailored for busy policy makers who need to keep abreast of economic research
  • AERC Special Papers - commissioned studies on topics of broad interest to the network
  • Working Papers - internally initiated by the AERC secretariat on a wide range of topics
  • Book-length volumes - own or joint ventures to publish collected results of collaborative research projects

More than 250 Research Papers, most with their Policy Briefs, and over 50 Special Papers have been published to date. At any given time there are 30-50 Research Papers and other publications in various stages of production.

Senior policy seminars provide a forum for the discussion of policy-oriented syntheses of AERC research and for obtaining feedback from policy makers on the AERC research agenda. There have been thirteen such seminars to date.

National economic policy workshops are also very useful tools for promoting policy dialogues. In some of the countries these have become annual national events and are largely self-financed.


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