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China-Africa Studies - China-Africa Studies

This was followed by 20 in-depth country case studies listed below:

  1. Impact of China-Africa Trade Relations:  the Case of Angola by Ron Sandrey and Hannar Edinger
  2. Impact of China-Africa Investment Relations:  the Case of Angola by Carine Kiala and Lucy Corkin
  3. Impact of China’s Development Assistance to Africa: the Case of Angola by Carine Kiala
  4. Assessment of the Foreign Direct Investment: the Case of Sudan  by Kabbashi Suliman and Ahmed Badawi
  5. Impact of China-Africa Aid Relations: In-Depth Country Case Study of Sudan by Samia Satti Nour
  6. China-Africa Trade relations : A case study of Nigeria by Adeolu Adewuyi , Aminu Alarudeen , and Idowu Kareem
  7. China-Africa Investment Relations: A Case Study of Nigeria by Olugboyega A. Oyeranti, Adetunji Babatunde, Olawale Ogunkola and Abiodun S. Bankole
  8. L’impact des Relations Commerciales de la Chine en Afrique : cas de la République du Congo by Jean Christophe Boungou Bazika
  9. Impact of China-African Trade Relations: The Case of Cameroon  by Sunday Khan,  Francis Menjo Baye and Godwill K. Tange
  10. Direct Investment between China and South Africa by Stephen Gelb
  11. Impact of China-Africa Investment Relations: The Case of Zambia Jolly Kamwanga and Grayson Koyi
  12. Les Relations Commerciales Entre Le Mali Et La Chine by Abdrahamane Sanogo
  13. Impact of China-Africa Investment Relations: The case of Ethiopia, by Alemayehu Geda and Atenafu Meskel
  14. Impact of China-Africa Trade Relations: In-depth Case Study of Kenya by Joseph Onjala
  15. Impact of China Africa Investment Relations: In-Depth Analysis of the Case of Ghana by Dela Tsikata, Ama Pokuaa Fenny and Ernest Aryeetey
  16. Impact of China-Africa Aid Relations: The Case of Uganda  by Madina Guloba, Nicholas Kilimani and Winnie Nabiddo
  17. Etude Sur Les Impacts Des Relations D'investissement De China-Madagascar by  Razafindravonona, Eric  Rakotomanana and Jimmy Rajaobelina
  18. Impact de la croissance Chinoise sur l’économie Africaine : Canal du Commerce,  by   Olivier Ramiandrisoa,  Jean razafindravonoma,  and Aina Malala Rafalimanana
  19. Impact of China-Africa Trade Relations: An In-depth Case Study of Mauritius  by Vinaye Dey Ancharaz and Verena K. Tandrayen-Ragoobur
  20. Impact of China-Africa Investment Relations: An In-Depth Case Study of Mauritius  by Vinaye Dey Ancharaz and Baboo M. Nowbutsing

A regional dissemination conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia was held on 28–30 September, which saw the participation of thirty embassies, the African Union (AU), the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).  A total of 114 participants attended the conference along with several media organizations.

A second regional dissemination conference targeting senior government officials from capitals in the ministries of Finance, Trade & Industry, and planning was held 27-29th April, 2011 in Accra, Ghana.  A total of 54 participants attended the conference. The activities of this project have been concluded.


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