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Africa and the World Trading System

This project builds and complements the Trade liberalization and Regional Integration in sub-Saharan Africa. The overall objective was to identify and examine the critical analytical and policy issues involved in Africa’s economic links with the rest of the world.

This project was coordinated by T. Ademola Oyejide.  The project has been completed and the publications under this project are:

  • Africa and the World Trading System. Volume 1: Selected Issues of the Doha Agenda. Ademola Oyejide and William Lyakurwa (Eds). African Economic Research Consortium. 2005. Africa World Press, Inc.
  • Africa and the World Trading System. Volume 2. Country Case studies. (Ademola Oyejide and Dominque Nkinkeu (Eds). Oyejide and Dominque Nkinkeu. 2007.  Africa World Press, Inc.
  • Africa and the World Trading System. Volume 3. African Countries in the New Trade Negotiations: Interests, Options and Challenges. Dominique Nkinkeu and Philip English (eds). Dominique Nkinkeu and Philip English. 2008. Africa World Press, Inc.

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